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A little more than a year ago a friend and co-worker asked me if I had any kind of online training, a youtube channel or some place where I shared my methods for how I think about light and color. I am pretty resistant to social media in general, but I thought "Maybe it's time I made a channel to share some of this knowledge". I have made videos for the Gnomon Workshop in the past, but not much in many many years. And so I started a small youtube channel called Light Ponderings. I really did not expect much from it, but wanted a place where I could send people who write to me asking questions about color and light. And then the channel grew all on it's own. I have not had time to really devote a lot to it's growth since I was busy with production of the tv show I was working on. As it grew I realized that it was resonating with a lot of people. Some even encouraged me to take things further.

And so in early 2023 I decided it was time to make a shift in my career. I have always worked for someone else, making their stories and selling their products. I've always wondered what it'd be like to work for myself, make my own schedule on my own terms. But what did I have to sell? Well, I suppose my knowledge and insights from a 25 year career as a Lighting Artist was something that was worth sharing. And so Lighting Mentor was born. It's taken quite some time to build this site and the curriculum within it. And it's not yet complete. I have so many ideas that I think will be interesting and valuable that I want to explore. But for now some of the courses and workshops are now ready.

My goal is to make a business that is sustainable, relationship focused and balanced. I want to not live in the whirlwind of doom scrolling like much of the world does. I just want to focus on making beautiful art that speaks to people and help others create the same. I believe the world needs more creators and less consumers. I believe we need to worry less and enjoy more, to slow down and paint the roses. Thats what I intend to do and I'm delighted if you want to join in the journey.

Let's create together!

-Jeremy Vickery

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