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Refund Policy



All online sales made on Lighting Mentor website or any affiliated websites are final, and any refunds issued are solely at the discretion of Lighting Mentor 

For online Course purchases there are no refunds available once you have started watching any of the course videos and/or downloaded any of the course material.

For Online Workshops, refunds are issued solely at the discretion of Lighting Mentor.  If a refund is requested prior to the start of the Workshop then a refund is only possible if your spot can be filled with another participant prior to the start of the Workshop. If requesting a refund once the workshops have started, a participant will be asked to participate and complete all weeks of the Workshops in it entirety and fill out the Workshop Survey at the end before being eligible for a partial or full refund. if there is a scheduling conflict with a workshop before the workshops have started, a participant may request to be rescheduled to a later  workshop and if  a future spot is available and your spot can be filled then Lighting Mentor will make one  workshop schedule change at no charge. Additional Schedule changes may incur a rescheduling fee. 

For Online Mentorship programs there are no refunds if you miss a scheduled call or session. If you need to reschedule a session, a 72 hour notice is required to avoid a no-show penalty of $75.00 in addition to the session fee. If you need to cancel your Mentorship, we ask you request in writing 30 days before your next scheduled session with the reason for cancelling.A Lighting Mentor representative will review your cancellation request and determine if a partial or full refund is approved.

For Apprenticeship programs, all online sales are final and any refunds or credits are at the sole discretion of Lighting Mentor.  If you are asked to leave the Apprenticeship program due to violations of the code of conduct referenced in the Apprenticeship Agreement, you will not be eligible for any refunds.


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