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What is Lighting Mentor?

The craft of digital lighting is still very underrepresented in the art world and in academia from my perspective. This site is a place where I can share insights from my 25 years as a professional Lighting Artist. This site is a place for artists of many backgrounds can learn about light and color, whether for 2d illustration and concept design, or for 3d games, animation or visual effects.

What is the difference between classes and mentorship?

I will offer classes as well as personalized mentorships here. Classes are more preset and highly structured to appeal to a wider range of artists, whereas mentorship is much more personal and crafted in particular to you and your goals. The structure and methods will vary depending on what you aim to learn. 

What if I've never done art before?

The beauty of art is that everyone can do it. Bob Ross had it right that everyone can paint, and I agree. I have helped many beginners overcome the obstacles of learning digital art. But I also have options for intermediate and advanced artists who want to enter or advance in their professional art careers.

How many classes will there be?

This site is brand new in 2023, so I'm still building the curriculums and plans. I do plan to have classes for beginners, intermediate and advanced artists. I will promote this site on my youtube channel and other social media to see how much interest there is and respond accordingly.

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